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From the offices of
The Claver's Landing Chronicle

Newspaper and coffee

Walter McKeltey, Editor-in-Chief

This Site serves as the launching pad for the new

Twyckwick Community, an initiative of Mountain Mist Productions.

Sites in the Twyckwick® Project include:

  Twyckwick News -

Features the latest News and Updates from the town and residents.

  Twyckwick Radio -

Links to your favourite Music and Radio Stations,

Free Audio Books and Podcasts.

Soon to be announced!

Twyckwick Main Site -

Represents the whole Twyckwick Community and

the town of Twyckwick on the island of Claver's Landing.

Twyckwick House -

The original Site for the Twyckwick concept.

Steeped in history, the house now brings residents

and visitors together for special occasions and celebrations.

Not all opened yet - to be announced.

The Twyckwick Project commenced October 31st, 2017.

7th December, 2017

Matt's Place is open and has had a name change. To be more in line with the degree of larrikanism and camaraderie in this esteemed establishment, the new name is the Twyckwick Picklin' Social Club. Try and say that in a hurry! More to come, but the old pot-bellied stove is already getting a work-out. The chimney has been cleaned and the checkers are all set up. Don't forget to send Matt a Message if you think there is anything he should know about. He's into the weather, gardening, jokes, stories, figurin', memories and all sorts of stuff....

    23rd November, 2017

Big doin's up at The Big House and things are starting to stir. Don't worry, Miz Ermadine has a handle on it. Just the beginning with the Twyckwick Twinkles Card Shop - More to Come.

  16th November, 2017

Something nice today...

Coffee on Claver's

Meet Beau Carrick, have a cup of coffee, indulge

your sweet tooth, savour some Poetry.

Also Free Thanksgiving Greetings.

  15th November, 2017

The Twyckwick City Hall

with all the VIP stuff, is now operational.

Ah, but it's not what you think...

You may need to visit the bathroom

to get your own copy of the Dunny Rules.

Read the "historically significant" stories - all on the

Bathroom Page - especially the Dunny Stories.

Scatological Humour Warnings - again on the

Bathroom Page.

Recipes for the um... scours, from The Twyckwick Hag

- on the Bathroom Page.

For Journalists
a special page.

The latest Twyckwick additions start with City Hall and lead off to the Bathroom, Dunny Stories, Dunny Rules and special messages for our friends and health tips.

Well, what else would you expect from a City Hall? It's

all rules and regulations, funnnnneeeeee stuff, how it

will be when you visit Twyckwick....

Come on over and take a look.

We hope to have the radio station next!

Halloween Celebrations on the island:



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The Newspaper Office was the first building to be opened up.

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